Shakti Life Kitchen


Shakti Life Kitchen is the manifestation of our community’s desire to eat delicious and healing food. Shakti is dedicated to fulfilling the need we all have to enjoy comfort foods that we can trust. Foods that are full of life’s vital nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.

Each entree, dessert, cheese, chip and cracker is created by local artisans that are dedicated to preparing the food carefully and lovingly. We know at Shakti that food is truly intended to maintain and heal our bodies. Our live food will help your body detoxify substances left behind from eating “junk food.” – and gain its natural form. Shakti’s food will enhance the clarity of your mind.

With one bite your soul will be fed as though it has come home. And it will sing the praises that “Yes, I really am good. Yes, the Earth is awesome!” and “Yes, I get to eat chocolate cheesecake and chips and dips, and feel great about it all!”

The day has come for our shift in consciousness. We now understand the fact that what we eat matters. It is the time to eat what is natural and loving. The Earth provides us with all of the nutritious ingredients. Shakti will prepare them. Let us then serve them to You!


4 thoughts on “About Shakti Life

  1. Sharon Lee Gates

    I had the pleasure of sampling many of your menu items at my daughter’s house last week. Everything was truly delicious.

  2. Laura Shaw

    Are all of your products 100% raw? I have bought the portabella burger and triple chocolate treats….they were two of the best things I have ever eaten in my life! I am a raw vegan and I am so happy to have come across your products at Native Sun…

  3. Eric O. Hylton

    Hello, I am reading a book (The China Study), and I feel like somebody tapped me on the shoulder and said Wake up! I’m committed to give whole plant based food a try. I hope I can overcome my Carnivore tendencies. I am looking forward to eating in your Restaurant.

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