• Funded in part by Shakti Life Kitchen™ ~ a portion of all purchases go toward funding our community initiatives.
Community Kitchen

A place where people can come together and get creative in the kitchen to make foods that nourish the body and soul.The kitchen will also serve as an educational center for classes focused on preparing whole, living foods, using specialized equipment and the benefits of eating a whole foods diet.

What we’ll offer:

  • Community classes
  • Chef certification programs
  • Space to co-create organic, vegan foods with friends
  • Supportive community living
  • Access to specialized restaurant equipment
  • A certified kitchen for cottage industries
  • Bulk food co-op
  • Affordable organic juices and produce
  • A place for you to be part of a thriving community


Education Outreach

We will offer free education programs to public and private schools and community groups, plust online tutorials. The programs offerd by our teachers should inspire the community to connect with the earth through food.

Classes are geared toward those with little to no experience with preparing whole foods, to show that eating delicious and nutritious foods can be fun, easy, quick and cheap.

Free Services to the community:

  • Educate parents and children about healthy eating
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Reach out to under privileged populations in our community
  • Empower schools to offer healthy options
  • Inspire children to eat plant foods
  • Connect kids to their food
  • Make food preparation creative and fun
  • Recipes and instructional videos online


Food Park

Our vision includes a  permaculture garden – a naturally self-sustaining way of growing food.

The food park would provide our community with the freshest possible organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. It would also serve as a center for learning about sustainable agriculture and the many benefits of growing, harvesting and eating fresh, organic plants.

How we’ll sustain:

  • Fuel the education outreach programs
  • Grow human connectivity to the earth and our food
  • Center for interactive learning
  • Serve as a working model of self-sustaining agriculture
  • Education about the healing power of herbs