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Welcome to Shakti Life Kitchen! We are Jacksonville’s premiere All Vegan and Gluten- Free Food delivery service. We are excited to deliver to you locally crafted, organic, gluten-free, vegan, plant-based foods that are intended to nourish your body and enliven your spirit. At Shakti, we prepare all of our vegan offerings with the intention for them to heal and uplift. Our food is inspired by the RAW food movement where everything created is “cooked” at 115 degrees or less to make sure our food still has LIFE FORCE in it.

Delivery Service

All organic vegan, plant foods carry a life force that can be felt in the form of light. This light energy in scientific terms are enzymes. AND, we need them just as we need the air we breathe and the water we drink. It gives us energy to walk, talk, work and play. They help digest food, grow new skin and hair, and help our bodies absorb the inherent nutrients in all plant foods. They have the ability to heal disorders and diseases ranging from depression to cancer, they help detox organs and enliven our brain cells to create and solve problems. It is exciting to think of having the best possible form of the human body, and the life force, the spirit of the food that we consume must be honored for this to be achieved to its highest potential.

At Shakti Life Kitchen, it is our mission to honor these life forces and we are delighted to deliver them to you locally in Jacksonville by way of creating nourishing and delicious foods by transforming organic nuts, seeds and produce into gourmet comfort foods that many of us are accustomed to. So, you can still have your pizza rolls and feel alive! Yes, our pizza rolls are organic, completely plant based, have no dairy and no gluten.

Hurray for the Organic Raw VEGAN life in Northeast Florida!



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Our online ordering and home delivery is on pause. Please visit Native Sun, Grassroots, Diane's, Nassau Health foods, CROP or European Street for Shakti's divine organic living vegan creations. Thank you for the support!
All orders placed by 6 pm on Saturday are delivered on Tuesday between 9am and 4pm