European Street

The images below are an example of some of the items we have available at our local favorite European Street. There are a variety of pies, desserts, sides & snack items located in the dessert case & candy sections at each of the European Street locations (selection changes at each store).

Grassroots Natural Market

Photos below are an example of what we sell at this local Jacksonville provider, there are other items available in addition to what is pictured below.

Southern Roots Filling Station

Shakti’s Aged Cashew Cream Cheeze, Cashew Boursin Cheeze and Dilly Kraut are all served in a variety of ways at this fantastic all Vegetarian Cafe in Riverside.

Green Erth Bistro

Below are examples of the specialty desserts we have available to order at this San Marco gem of a restaurant, Green Earth Bistro.

Earth Fare

Visit the Earth Fare in Mandarin and find these two outstanding dessert options in the refrigerated section of their bakery.


Visit all three of Sarasota’s juice bar gems and grab the BEST juices in Florida and pick up our Shakti desserts all month long. Our organic raw vegan snacks and entrees are also available the first week of the month.

Nassau Health Foods

Nassau Health Foods has been serving Amelia Island for over 30 years in this family run Health foods establishment. Southern Charm is alive and well here and this coupled with an all organic selection makes it sublime. Find a full line of Shakti desserts, snacks and meals in the Shakti dedicated case near their Mustard Seed Cafe. What is pictured below is a few of the wide selection of Shakti products that they stock.

Diane's Natural Market

Welcome to Diane’s, St. Augustine’s only organic market. This premiere grocer stocks high end organic offerings including a large selection of Shakti cheezes, meals and desserts. Cheezes are found in there dairy free cheese case, entrees found in there produce and the desserts can be found in there cafe case. The beauty of the store matches the beauty of the city so be sure to stop in! Below is a small selection of what is offered.

Kathy's Table

Between cooking, cleaning, shopping, and keeping up with nutritional guidelines, making dinner can be a full-time job. Kathy’s Table makes it easy to put healthy and delicious meals on the table every night of the week. Pick up a week’s worth of meals or have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Kathy's Table


Gnarbucha is a dangerously awesome beverage that is crafted with love and passion for natural flavors and your well-being. Packed with refreshing sweet and tart flavors, Gnarbucha delivers healing probiotics and the invigorating benefits of healthy kombucha.

Robeks Neptune Beach

At Robeks, every choice you make is a good one! You can trust us to make delicious, good-for-you smoothies and juices using only the best fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients.

We Can Also Be Found At

We can also be found through Dig Local as the organizer of the Farmer’s markets, All About Health and Yoga Den’s Good Chi Coffee Shop. You will be able to find all your favorite high end organic offerings including a large selection cheezes, meals and desserts.

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