At Shakti Life Kitchen, it is our mission to honor life forces and we are delighted to carry them to you by way of creating nourishing and delicious foods by transforming organic nuts, seeds and produce into gourmet comfort foods that many of us are accustomed to. So, you can still have your pizza rolls and feel alive! Yes, our pizza rolls are organic, completely plant based, have no dairy and no gluten.

About Shakti Life

Shakti Life Kitchen was founded in 2009 in the Jacksonville Beaches area as a manifested vision of having the most ideal food company that could be created. The heart of Shakti lives in the understanding that food is intended to heal.

After experiencing many life changes resulting in many years of anxiety and depression, founder Carrie Zarka Dooley found healing in organic raw food. After serving her community for over 20 years in her family’s business, European Street Café, Carrie decided to change her focus to healing foods as her new mission and career.

The combination of her experience in the food industry, healing her own illnesses and her desire to help heal others, Shakti was born. Over the past years, with the astounding support of family and community, Shakti has evolved into our community’s only organic raw vegan food purveyor and can be found at all four European Street Cafés, Grassroots Natural Foods Market, Southern Roots, Nassau Health Foods, Diane’s Natural Market, CROP in Sarasota and Green Erth Bistro. Shakti is excited to launch online ordering now to serve all areas of Jacksonville.

Why Raw Food?

Beginning to eat Organic Raw Vegan Food begins with understanding why? The most simple answer I have is because energy matters. We know what it feels like to feel depleted and exhausted (over-cooked, so to speak). We also know what it feels like to feel alive and vibrant.

When you eat raw, you are choosing to feel alive and vibrant. You are giving yourself a chance to feel all the Earth has to offer, which is amazing love, creativity and nurturing.

We are creations of the Earth and to feel as alive and vibrant as a beautiful Zucchini Star Flower or a glorious Blueberry bush, we must eat foods that are grown on our home planet and we must prepare them gently. Eating organic raw food gives our bodies a chance to become alkaline, and with this glorious state comes a body free of disease.

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