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Remembering We are the Light

Truth can come when controlling one’s thinking. This is a powerful feeling when one is living in times of intense change. It feels like its in the collective, this deep churning change that surrounds and I can really only speak for myself. In my world, everything turned topsy turvy. Feelings of loss and confusion about the future and the past seemed to be in my mind set from day’s break, day in and day out. The feelings are a far cry from how I felt when Shakti was first conceived. In the beginning days, I felt so much hope as President Obama was our new President and so much hope of eating organic raw plant foods. I was pregnant with my daughter and felt all light. In ten years much can change and so it did, leaving me this year surrounded by the dark and thinking pretty sad thoughts. And Faith like a bird flies in dropping seeds of light remembrance; a reminder that we control our own environment with our thoughts and it all comes back again. The truth stands strong and their is a glimpse of light again.
The light. Like new dawn rising. The light in new Tangerines fruiting. The light growing inside all blooms, fruits and all of us. How does it come back. How can the hope come in again?
Maybe a reminder? A reminder to do what you love, to eat what makes you feel good. A reminder that you are loved. A reminder that you have a place. A reminder that you fit in. A reminder that you are light.

How can this all come from light. Just does. Look outside now at all the light and know in this moment that this is you. My reminder came from my daughter and the challenge she gave me as I finished eating a heavy late night snack. I had been filling up on all my old favorite heavy snacks of bread and Chao cheeze trying to feel comfort from the dark pain. Then a challenge came to reach for the light again and gravitate to what I love the most…..and that is light food. She picked me a prickly pear and smoothies started in again. My raw cacao smoothies took back their place over the all day coffee daze I was in. And little by little I am making my way back to all light. With each breath, I remember to choose light food and then my body remembers too, that I am a light being, and miraculously I wake up craving smoothies not coffee . And the rememberings becomes contagious and grows in strength….to draw more and more light food. And the light food feeds the light filled thoughts and the light filled actions. And the power of thought is filled with light and truth.

In those two paragraphs it makes it sound so easy and we all know its not. Its takes practice and trying and trying again. Well at least for me its not. Its a whole story of why it takes so much work for me to find natural self love and care and I know deep inside that I am worth it. I am worthy of light and all the abundance the Earth has and here I sit on this Epiphany day with encouragement to you and a reminder to me with all these beautiful words that we are worthy of light and goodness. I am to here to encourage us to fuel these thoughts with gorgeous organic raw vegan light food. It helps fuel the collective change towards the light.
And because, Light food helps and because power of thought helps, that is why Shakti is here. Whatever the day holds for you whether it is taking an extra moment to connect to the light around or the day to embark on a new light food journey I hope it is a bright reminder that you are amazing and worthy of all Love!


  • January 8, 2019


    This is beautiful, Carrie! Thank you for sharing- yourSelf, your Love, your Light! ?

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